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In the News: Obituary: Shere Hite, Pioneering Sex Researcher

New CE Workshops

  • The TransEvolution

  • ​​Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

  • Gender-Inclusive Treatment: Breaking the Binary

Article: Walking the Walk, by Dr. Carol Clark                                                                                                                                   


In the News

Obituary: Shere Hite, pioneering sex researcher

"All too many men still seem to believe, in a rather naive and egocentric way, that what feels good to them is automatically what feels good to women."

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Pelvic Health Physiotherapy
with Calista Naismith   

The pelvic health physiotherapy elective will give practitioners a wider understanding of the pelvis, specifically the pelvic floor and its role within sexual health and dysfunction. The hope is that by the end of the 5 hour elective you will have an understanding of what a pelvic health physiotherapist does in practice and when to refer patients. The elective will emphasize the importance of
working on a team in sexual health treatment to provide the best care for patients.

September 20th 9:30 am - 3pm EDT
5 CEs for $159



The TransEvolution of the Last Decade

October 23, 2020 9am-3pm EDT live webinar
5 CEs $249
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Virtual Fall CE Event  
Gender-Inclusive Treatment:
Breaking the Binary

October 16th, 2020

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CSOT - The Certified Sex Offender Therapist Program

The Certified Sex Offender Therapist (CSOT) Program will certify licensed therapists to work with adult and juvenile sexual offenders in a variety of settings. This extensive training and supervision will prepare these professionals to work with individuals with deviant sexual behaviors and to mitigate the risk to society.

Therapists will be proficient in the required areas pertaining to adult and juvenile sexual offenders.

Next class September 25, 2020 9am-3pm EST - Start anytime classes cycle around
 via live  Webinar


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Walking the Walk

As a psychotherapist and teacher, I guide and instruct people on how to improve their lives, how to better communicate, how to cope with adverse circumstances, and how to effectively deal with interpersonal issues. I have years’ worth of experience with this. I know that the interventions I suggest are effective when people use them. I’ve written a couple of books filled with exercises for improving relationships and letting go of anger and resentments. In other words, I talk the talk.


Then there’s my own life. For all of my prefrontal cortex knowledge, my limbic system feels the same emotions that my clients and students feel when something or someone pisses me off or hurts my feelings. In spite of years of living, growing, and both giving and receiving therapy, it is so easy to jump to a place of fear and anger and not want to leave there.
So that is when I am challenged to “walk the walk.”
During these stressful political times, I strive to live by the Serenity Prayer and remember that I can only control my own thoughts and feelings and behavior and no one else’s. With COVID-19, same thing. I try to find meaning in life at home and online and protect myself as best I can when I venture out. But that is not my original “go to.” I have to mindfully choose how I want to be.
When I recently disagreed with a work colleague and wanted to just run away from the whole situation, I was finally able to reach out to talk and, more importantly, to listen, and we were able to re-connect.
In any and all scenarios, I can feel myself move from the agitation and anxiety that are symptomatic of the addictive state to a place of calm and Connection that are recovery.
Walking the walk takes intention and willingness. Having to make that decision as stressful events arise keeps me connected to my clients, students, and everyone else. It keeps me humble and compassionate. May I never lose these qualities.

Be In Light,

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