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In the News: 8 Topics Queer Folks Should Discuss with Their Doctor to Maximize Their Sexual Health

New CE Workshops

  • Sex Trafficking Course
  • Qualified Clinical Supervisor Training
  • Sexuality and Substance Abuse Course
  • Sex Offender Therapy Program

Article: Us versus Them, by Dr. Carol Clark                                                                                                                                   


In the News

8 Topics Queer Folks Should Discuss with Their Doctor to Maximize Their Sexual Health

by Dr. Josh

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I can attest to the difficulty many of us face navigating the healthcare system and advocating for our sexual health.  If you are a queer person, it can be challenging having the same health and sexual health discussions with your doctor that our non-queer counterparts have.  As a physician, I can also attest to the lack of education we have on sexual health as it specifically pertains to LGBTQ+ people.  

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The TransEvolution of the Last Decade

November 20, 2020 9am-3pm EST live webinar
5 CEs $159
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Students will gain knowledge about the history of human trafficking through present day issues that continue to overlap 25 typologies. In-Class discussions will include identifying Supply Chains world-wide and companies that have signed pledges taking a stance against labor trafficking. Discussions about the different models of organized crime that range from gang operations to mob, pimp, and familial. The student will gain knowledge about the different indicators used to identify a human trafficked victim, ACE Scores that include vulnerable populations, minorities, and those who are undocumented and commonly present with a range of health, dental, and mental health problems. Health care professionals are usually in the front line ranging from EMS to ER and are best able to be in a position to identify the critical indicators for identifying human trafficking victims. The student will gain knowledge about the prevalence of human trafficking and the different forms of trafficking that estimate to amount well over the documented $150 billion dollar industry that is believed to eventually surpass the reported $500 billion drug cartel industry with these two interfacing and overlapping world-wide. Recognizing code language, tattoo art and jewelry are some of the indicators for identifying victims held in sex trafficking. Students will gain knowledge on how to use screening tools, using a trauma-informed approach when interviewing, treating and working with victims. The student will will gain knowledge about SART’s and how health care and law enforcement can collaborate and utilize referral services. Students will gain knowledge on identifying reportable events ranging from domestic servitude, bondage, labor and sex trafficking and how to report these events.

 12 hr Qualified Supervisor T
$295 for 12 CEs  Register Here!!


 12-12-2020  9am - 3pm EST

This course will 1) Differentiate between the functions of the limbic system and the prefrontal cortex, 2) Describe the intersection of sexuality and substance use on the limbic system, 3) Describe the link between sexual trauma and substance use, 4) Identify the effects of the major drugs of abuse on sexual functioning, 5) Utilize strategies for teaching healthy sexuality to their recovering clients

$159 for 5CEs 
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CSOT - The Certified Sex Offender Therapist Program

The Certified Sex Offender Therapist (CSOT) Program will certify licensed therapists to work with adult and juvenile sexual offenders in a variety of settings. This extensive training and supervision will prepare these professionals to work with individuals with deviant sexual behaviors and to mitigate the risk to society.

Therapists will be proficient in the required areas pertaining to adult and juvenile sexual offenders.

Next class DeCEMBER 11, 2020 9am-3pm EST - Start anytime classes cycle around
 via live  Webinar


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Us versus Them

The biggest motivator of human behavior is the need to belong to the group.
I tell this to all of my counseling students because it helps to explain otherwise irrational and foolish behavior.
The group may be a family, a community, a religion, or a country. It may be based on common beliefs, common interests, common geography, or common political views.
The need to belong to the group is based in the brain’s limbic system, which is where everything we need to survive originates. Our limbic system contains the pleasure center, so what feels good, such as food and sex, will be repeated and lead to the survival of the individual and the species. It produces emotions, like fear, so we can respond to threats and survive danger. It contains the memory centers, so we remember what keeps us alive, whether pleasurable or fearful.
When the limbic system is activated by external stimuli, the prefrontal cortex, or thinking part of the brain, shuts down. If we think about something, it slows down reaction time and we could die. Any extreme stimulation, even pleasurable, has this effect. Who thinks clearly when they are in the throes of passion? Who stops to think about gaining weight when confronted with chocolate cake? Thinking comes later, often accompanied by regret, shame, and despair, as we see in the addictive process.
Which brings us to the current state of the U.S. We are divided into group allegiances, driven by fear promulgated by news and social media, resulting in an addictive state with no ability to think rationally. We are reactive, trying to survive by blindly adhering to our group, no matter the cost tomorrow. Fear of rejection by our group prohibits any kind of rational thought. We hear only what calms our anxieties and soothes our fears.
We are manipulated by those who would control us by creating a fear and then telling us how they will take care of us. This is how marketing works: for example, create a fear that you will be rejected from your group if you have bad breath and then offer the solution for making your breath smell sweet. This has been the strategy of dictators as well – to highlight a problem, exacerbate it, and then tell the people that only they can fix it. Strike down other voices and demand allegiance to the group. It is how cults work as well.
The intensified stimulation to our limbic systems provided by fear and anxiety are addictive. They become normal states that obscure any moments of clarity we may have. It becomes so much easier to just go with the group. This is the answer to “Why?” Why do we behave irrationally? Why can’t we think clearly? The answer: We are addicts driven by manufactured fear of exile.
This extreme year is the current bottom of where our collective addiction has brought us. Can we move into a place of recovery? Not everyone can, but if we allow ourselves a moment, right now, to breathe and focus, we can choose to live by the Serenity Prayer:
God, grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
the Courage to change the things I can, and
the Wisdom to know the difference.
I can choose my group, I can choose who I am and the values by which I want to live, and I can choose how to respond to what I cannot change.

Be In Light,

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