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In the News: French Europe Minister comes out as gay, will visit Polish ‘LGBT-free’ zone

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  • Qualified Clinical Supervisor Training
  • Sexuality and Substance Abuse Course
  • Sex Offender Therapy Program

Article: The Promise of the Future, by Dr. Carol Clark                                                                                                                                   


In the News

French Europe Minister comes out as gay, will visit Polish ‘LGBT-free’ zone


“I am gay, and I have no problem saying it,” he told the magazine, prompted by a question on lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer rights in Europe. He said he wanted to show his homosexuality was “not an obstacle” to becoming a minister. The full interview with Têtu will be published on Wednesday.


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 12 hr Qualified Supervisor T
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 12-12-2020  9am - 3pm EST

This course will 1) Differentiate between the functions of the limbic system and the prefrontal cortex, 2) Describe the intersection of sexuality and substance use on the limbic system, 3) Describe the link between sexual trauma and substance use, 4) Identify the effects of the major drugs of abuse on sexual functioning, 5) Utilize strategies for teaching healthy sexuality to their recovering clients

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CSOT - The Certified Sex Offender Therapist Program

The Certified Sex Offender Therapist (CSOT) Program will certify licensed therapists to work with adult and juvenile sexual offenders in a variety of settings. This extensive training and supervision will prepare these professionals to work with individuals with deviant sexual behaviors and to mitigate the risk to society.

Therapists will be proficient in the required areas pertaining to adult and juvenile sexual offenders.

Next class DeCEMBER 11, 2020 9am-3pm EST - Start anytime classes cycle around
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The Promise of the Future


When I was young I had a lot of freedom – far more than many children today. I walked a mile to school by myself and I roamed the neighborhood for hours at a time with my best friend.
Walking to my elementary school in Maplewood, NJ, I passed by a home for old men. Not just any home and not just any old men. This was an estate, really. There was a stone mansion in the background rising above the oaks and maples and long, sloping lawns with meandering paths and benches under the great trees. There were dignified gentlemen in fine clothes and hats with walking canes as much for show as for support. The property spanned a long town block and was enclosed with a tall, wrought iron fence.
I would walk along the sidewalk and pause to look through the bars at this wonderful world almost within reach. The paths beckoned and disappeared up the hill into the trees. The mansion was tantalizing in its remote grandness. This was a world of magic, of escape, and it held the promise of infinite future possibilities. Anything in my imagination could be beyond my sight on those paths and in the myriad rooms of that mansion.
One day, as I was on my way to school, I saw that the gate was open. My heart pounded as I contemplated walking through it and entering this formerly forbidden world. Did I dare? Oh yes! No one was in sight and the path beckoned. I slipped through the gate and softly walked far enough along the path to really feel like I was there. I stood by a bench under an oak and allowed myself precious moments to take it all in. I can still see the green lawns, the paths moving in new directions from this different perspective, and the view from this other side of the fence. Those were moments out of time and steps into a future that was previously only a possibility.
After that, the view through the fence was a little less magical, a little less enthralling. There was more to be explored but not quite as much as before my foray through the fence.
When we are young, our entire future is before us – endless paths moving into the unknown. Each time we choose one, we limit others. The challenge in life is to hold on to that newness and breathless wonder of future possibilities. Today, when I see a wrought iron fence with a manicured green lawn beyond, I take a moment to step out of time and to be with the awareness that the future is still before me and I remain outside the fence.

Be In Light,

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