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Pride, Not Prejudice Conference 

In the News: These Christian leaders embraced sex positivity — and now preach it

Upcoming CE Workshops and Events

  • Domestic Violence
  • ​Non-Monogamous Lifestyles

A Unique opportunity to become a CERTIFIED SEX COACH

Busy is Good, Right?  by Dr. Carol Clark

Upcoming Certification Trainings

  • Hypnotherapy and Sexuality in June
  • Transgender  Care Certification Training in September 
  • Kink Conscious Certification in person in August   
  • Sex Offender Therapy                                                                                                           



These Christian leaders embraced sex positivity — and now preach it

Jo Neufeld, a 40-year-old living in Manitoba, Canada, used to feel that she was sex positive despite being Christian. Then, about 10 years ago, she started following Twitter accounts like those of Kevin Garcia, a gay pastor based in Atlanta, and other Christians who talked openly about sex.

Neufeld said the accounts introduced her to “ideas around God wanting pleasure for us” and helped her to reconcile her Christianity with her sex positivity: “I’ve found examples of people living out holy sexuality. And for me, that has been about slowly embracing that I was created for sexual flourishing.”



Domestic Violence

May 21, 2022 9am-3pm EST- via Live Webinar

$159 for 5 CEs

This course will define the terms related to victims and victimology. Students will learn to recognize types of victims and issues specific to type. Content will include bias toward victims, victim-blaming, and issues between victims and the criminal justice system; it will also cover the process of restorative justice. Students will learn to utilize a variety of interventions appropriate to victim type.

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Non-Monogamous Lifstyles

June 18, 2022  12-6pm EST- via Live Webinar
$159 for 5 CEs

This course will explore the variations beyond monogamy in sexual and emotional relationships. It will include how clinicians can help clients explore their options and engage in non-monogamous lifestyles responsibly and healthily.

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Become a Certified Sex Coach

 Dr. Patti Britton, founded and runs Sex Coach U, an international organization that trains people to become knowledgeable, compassionate and successful sex coaches—an exciting, new field that is taking off. Sex Coach U’s program is the most comprehensive and evidence-based sex coach training program in the world right now. This is why I have approved her graduates who also hold a Bachelor’s degree in a healthcare-related field as eligible to apply for the IICS PhD program without a more traditional Master’s degree.


Busy is Good, Right? 

For the past couple of weeks, I have had several people ask me how I am. I have replied that I’ve been really busy, because the amount of work coming at me from all directions has been all I can think about. Without exception, they all reply “Busy is good, right?” As if there is something wrong with not being busy, as if my life would not be full or satisfying if I was not busy, or as if not being busy meant that there was something wrong me!
When I have occasionally said that being busy isn’t always great, they will say, “But you chose this!” Well, yes, I have chosen my life and career and yes, busy means that both are thriving, but……
In my first book, Addict America: The Lost Connection, I write about how Americans in general pride themselves on being busy and being “go-getters” and pushing themselves to extremes. That’s why I chose the title “Addict America.” These qualities can be great and can result in personal and professional achievements and can garner admiration and respect from other Americans, but they can also lead to unhealthy stress, unhappiness, distraction from what is meaningful in life, and to addiction.
The way I conceptualize addiction is that it is a state of being where a person has elevated the amount of stimulation they need just to feel normal to a heightened level that requires constant seeking of activities and/or drugs that provide that stimulation. It takes over the person’s life.
Obsessive, compulsive, out-of-control behavior done in spite of negative consequences to self or others.
That is the definition of addiction and so when I say I’m really busy, it is a red flag for me and anyone else to ask if I am taking care of myself, finding balance in my daily life, spending time with my loved ones, and am able to know when to stop and relax. If you ask me any of that and I get angry or irritable, that is another red flag.
The reality for me, right now, is that I am really busy and I am also paying attention to those other questions. I have learned the difference between being in an addictive, or disconnected, state and a recovering, or Connected, state (see A New Working Definition of Recovery) and I choose recovery and Connection. So now I am going to save this article, go have some lunch, and enjoy some quality time with my husband. Work can wait.

Be In Light,



June 16-20 (Part 1) & August 4-8 (Part 2) 2022

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful adjunct and alternative to traditional cognitive treatment interventions. Specializing in hypnotherapy will expand your practice and allow you to treat a wide variety of clients.
Our brains have two distinct sections that are relevant to us as clinicians: The Limbic System (emotions, reward system, and survival) and the Prefrontal Cortex (thinking, reasoning, and executive functioning). When we do traditional “talk therapy,” we are engaging with the client’s Prefrontal Cortex and we often end up against a brick wall. People cannot “think” their way out of old traumas, cognitive distortions that originated from early experiences, sexual dysfunction, or addictive behavior.
Every clinician needs an alternative, experiential therapeutic intervention in their toolbox that can access the Limbic System and make significant changes there. Hypnotherapy is one of those incredibly effective tools.

This program will allow you to add this specialty to your practice and will also give you credit towards a PhD from the International Institute of Clinical Sexology (IICS). You can complete this specialty training in two, 5-day workshops with plenty of time to practice.

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Starts August 17-21 live in San Francisco
plus one class per month for 6 months - 
Via Live Webinar

This course is  designed to give Sex Educators, Sexuality Resource Managers,
Medical Professionals, Therapists, Sex Counselors, Sex Coaches, Sexological Body Workers, Somatic Healers,​ Nurses, Health Educators,
Behavioral Health Specialists, Psychoanalysts, Mental Health Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists, Clinical Social Workers, Psychologists,
and other healthcare providers (hereinafter referred to as Clinicians*) an overview of the similarities and difference between the most common range of alternative sexualities as they relate to Kink/BDSM,
and the most effective modalities to utilize with Kink/BDSM identified clients who seek assistance from your clinical, medical, or therapeutic practice.

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Transgender Certification Training

Part 1 - Sept 8-11, 2022 & Part 2- Nov. 3-6, 2022
9am-3pm EDT- Via Live Webinar

The International Transgender Certification Association (ITCA) provide’s credentialing, standards of practice, professional identity, and self-regulation for service providers of the Transgender, Gender Non-Conforming and Non-Binary Community. Therefore, this training is ideal for Clinicians, Therapists, Counselors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Case Managers and those individuals who work directly with a Gender Expansive population and are looking for formal training and continuing education credits.

The purpose of ITCA is to provide a cohesive organization that credentials healthcare professionals and community providers by promoting ethical guidelines, offering training and education, and developing networking resources. Upon completion of our course, you will receive documentation to certify that you are a Transgender Care Therapist/Professional (TCT/TCP) and be awarded CEU’s for your participation.

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CSOT - The Certified Sex Offender Therapist Program

The Certified Sex Offender Therapist (CSOT) Program will certify licensed therapists to work with adult and juvenile sexual offenders in a variety of settings. This extensive training and supervision will prepare these professionals to work with individuals with deviant sexual behaviors and to mitigate the risk to society.

Therapists will be proficient in the required areas pertaining to adult and juvenile sexual offenders.
9am-3pm EST - Start anytime classes cycle around
 via live  Webinar


Check out our latest YouTube  video. Dr. Clark talks about how a cis-gender therapist can counsel transgender clients.

Videos on Addiction, Intimacy, Connection, Gender....More to come!!  New workshops coming soon.
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