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 ITCA SealITCA Program Payments

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Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis Training

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  ATTI Payments

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 CSOT Montly Payment

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ATTI Payment $290


ATTI Payment $2900


 Individual Class Payment 5 hours $245


Individual Class Payment 10 hours $475


Scheduled Payment $50.00

* Course:

Scheduled Payment $75.00

* Course:

Scheduled Payment $100

* Course:

Program Deposit $700.

This deposit is applied toward the total cost of the program. Upon receipt, we will contact you directly with the program contract, student login information, and you can make further payment arrangements. You will receive a copy of your student activity log monthly, which keeps track of your progress and class attendance. Please Contact Us prior to making your deposit if you have any questions about the program. 



Continuing Education for Clinical Supervisors
12 hrs of Clinical Supervision
Meets Requirements for Florida Boards

8:30-5 each day
9620 NE 2nd Ave., STE 205, Miami Shores, Florida 33161
Phone: 305-891-1827




Certified Sex Offender Therapist (CSOT) Class Payment $269.50


Certified Sex Offender Therapist (CSOT) Full Payment $2,695.00


IITESlogoPago de Clase - solo estudiantes registrados

pagar con Paypal o con Authorize

$250 por mes 

$250 por mes

Pago de Registracion $300


Pago Mensual $300


Pago Completo $3000


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