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    Are you in a sexless marriage?  Have you lost sexual desire for your partner? Are you feeling bored in your sex life? You love your partner, yet your erotic fantasies are with other people?  Did your body stop responding sexually to your partner or anyone?  Do you feel controlled by your sexual desires?  Do you feel ashamed and guilty of your sexual behaviors?  Do you hide your sexual behaviors from your partner? Do you have a great relationship with your partner, but your sex life is over? Are you having difficulties adjusting to your sex life after a hysterectomy? I am a Licensed Psychotherapist and board certified sex therapist working independently in private practice in Downtown Miami.  I am passionate about sexology and the complex dynamics of relationships.  I am dedicated in treating individuals and couples with a variety of relational and sexual issues, including male and female sexual dysfunctions, sexual addiction issues, sex after hysterectomy, infidelity, and loss of sex and intimacy in relationships.  My experience includes five years as a professor of psychology and over ten years of experience as a therapist.   Ms. Santos has a Bachelors degree in Psychology from Lynn University, a Masters degree in Psychology from Nova University and a second Masters degree in Education from Lynn University. She is currently a recipient of a Doctorate Degree in General Psychology anticipating completion in 2016.  Ms. Santos has over ten years of experience as a therapist and professor of psychology and she is trained in EMDR, cognitive behavioral therapy, and solution focused therapy, to name a few. Additionally, as a Florida State Board Certified Clinical Supervisor, I provide clinical supervision to interning psychotherapists.