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TCT January Newsletter

TCT January Newsletter

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Upcoming Certifications to Expand your Practice

"Sins of the Father" an Article by Dr. Carol Clark

Addict America: The Audiobook

Kink Conscious Certification

Sex on the Scene

Education in Sexology


January 28th


The Certified Sex Offender Therapist Program certifies licensed therapists to work with adult and juvenile sexual

offenders in a variety of settings.


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 January 26th - 30th


Our program will allow you to add this specialty to your practice!


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February 23rd - 26th


Upon completion of our course, you will receive documentation to certify that you are a Transgender Care Therapist/Professional.


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Sins of the Father

by Dr. Carol Clark

I’ve always been intrigued by this part of a verse from the Bible. Several verses, actually. Sometimes it refers to the sins of the father being visited on the children and sometimes that the children can escape that fate by embracing God.


When I take on a new client, I begin with their history, which includes the events and messages from childhood that continue to impact their emotions and behavior. In that way, the punishments, traumas, criticisms, and generally careless parenting are the sins that are visited on the children. Kids internalize messages like “I’m not good enough,” “I’m worthless,” or “I’m unlovable” and these stay with them and become the filter through which all other life events are processed.


A few Bible verses say that the children will be punished for the sins of the father to the third and fourth generation. We are finding more and more evidence that people have generational and genetic memories that impact them in the present. During a breathwork session, I experienced the traumatic events my mother lived through while I was in her womb and I realized that it explained a lot about my self-concept and my relationships with others.


When we look at the narcissists in politics or who run companies that plunder our environment or harm employees, we can often find that their fathers were cold and demanding and their mothers failed to protect them, leading to a constant striving for love and approval. Of course, they never get it, which often leads to addiction.


Addicts, no matter the drug of choice, are seeking relief from the emptiness and pain of not having had a loving and affirming family environment and will often behave narcissistically, although most are not true narcissists. Addicts in recovery are empathetic, loving, and caring people for whom I have the utmost respect and admiration, because they are doing the hardest work a person can – making daily choices to be congruent with the person they are choosing to be – free of the past and taking responsibility for themselves. A true narcissist will never be able to recover the intimacy and Connection that are in every person’s innate being, and for that I will have compassion but no unrealistic expectations.


So, the sins of the father, or parents, are the failure to provide love and safety to the children and that will follow those children and their children’s children until the cycle is broken through awakening, awareness, motivation for Connection, and the healing that comes from the willingness to be in recovery one day at a time.


Be In Light,

Addict America: The Lost Connection

Now in Audiobook Format

We're proud to announce that Dr. Clark's seminal work Addict America: The Lost Connection is finally availbe in audiobook format! After a lot of hard work you can finally hear The Lost Connection read by Dr. Clark's friend and professional voice artist Paula Barros. Now it's even easier than ever to learn how addictive behavior affects the human brain and causes the disconnections we experience with our families, friends, and co-workers in a profound, eye-opening manner. Dr. Clark’s groundbreaking book takes current addiction theory down a new path and Paula Barros brings it to life in a whole new way. Check out these reviews and find the audiobook on Amazon below!

"Addict America is a must read for anyone interested in addiction. This book changed the way I think about addiction. Dr. Clark presents a new way of conceptualizing our behaviors and discusses a theory that incorporates our cultural, relational and spiritual selves."

- Brittany Edge, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

"This is a go-to-book for students of addiction treatment as well as those interested in the related sociological problems that both support and maintain the problem."

- Dr. Rob Weiss

Starts February 15th, 2023

This course is  designed to give Sex Educators, Counselors, Coaches  Specialistsand other healthcare providers an overview of the similarities and difference between the most common range of alternative sexualities as they relate to Kink/BDSM, and the most effective modalities to utilize with Kink/BDSM identified clients who seek assistance from your clinical, medical, or therapeutic practice. 43% of women and 31% of men report sexual dysfunctions. Add Kink to your practice to help increase your client base, treat a wider range of problems and take your career to the next level. Be the expert more and more are looking for every year. Click the button to register below!

Researchers have found that snakes have a clitoris. Here’s what it could mean...

By Katie Hunt and Madeline Holcombe

Scientists have discovered that female snakes have a clitoris — a previously overlooked or dismissed part of their anatomy (and that of many other animals), according to a new study.

‍Clinical Sexology Education

Our classes, whether in person or via webinar, are fully interactive and you will learn from experienced instructors, videos, and guest experts. Group case consultation is held after Saturday classes. Paired supervision/case consultation is scheduled at the consultant’s and students’ convenience.

We know you will enjoy this learning experience as you become an expert in the field of Clinical Sexology!

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