Sex Therapy Training and Certification
Transgender Care Certification Program
Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis Training
Online via Webinar and In Class in Miami Forida
Addictions Therapy Training Program
Addictions Therapy Training Program
Addictions Therapy Training Program
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Sex Therapy Training and Certification

Live Webinar or In Class in Miami, FL

TCA offers Board Certification in:

● Board Certified Sex Therapist
● Board Certified Clinical Sexologist
● Board Certified Sexology Educator

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Transgender Care Certification Program

Live Webinar or In Class in Miami FL

ITCA offers Board Certification in:

● Transgender Care Therapist
● Transgender Care Professional

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Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis Training

Live webinar

Incorporate this specialty and add new dimension to your practice

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Kink Conscious Certification

Live Webinar

Knowledge that brings understanding
Release judgment, expand knowledge, and support clients who identify as Kinky or “into BDSM.”

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Addiction Therapy Training Institute

Live Webinar or In Class in Miami, FL

The ATTI Program Includes Education for:

● Domestic Violence
● Ethics

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Sexuality & Disabilities Therapy Training

Live Webinar

The program is meant for both seasoned practitioners seeking more disability focused training and early career sexuality practitioners seeking specialization in disability-focused care.

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Certified Sex Offender Therapy Training

Live Webinar

The Certified Sex Offender Therapist (CSOT) Program will certify licensed therapists to work with adult and juvenile sexual offenders in a variety of settings.

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All of our Certification Programs count toward a Ph.D. in Clinical Sexology

Incorporate Clinical Sexology into your practice. Make a difference!

Certified Sex Offender Therapist
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August 10, 2024

From someone who lived through the AIDS crisis

My Kinda Kink
My Kinda Kink

August 21, 2024
11am-6:30pm ET
Live Webinar
5 CEs $159

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Train with the Addiction experts to earn your certification in less than a year. Span the spectrum of addiction from alcohol to drugs to sex to gambling to co-dependence.
Help your clients live in recovery and


Become a

Certified Sex Offender Therapist
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Attend via live webinar. Register anytime!!

The Certified Sex Offender Therapist (CSOT) Program will certify licensed therapists to work with adult and juvenile sexual offenders in a variety of settings. This extensive training and supervision will allow you to contract with Federal and State Probation as well as help those who have not yet offended.

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Sex Therapy Training Institute
The STTI sex therapy training program provides high standards of academic instruction, supervised sex therapy training and case consultationf or therapists, psychologists, medical providers, educators, and other professionals who want to specialize in human sexuality, sex education, or practice sex therapy.

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The International Transgender Certification Association
Hypnotherapy & Sexuality Training

Addictions Therapy Training Institute

Certified Sex Offender Therapist

Kink Conscious Certification
Sexuality & Disabilities Therapy

Instituto Internacional de Terapia y Educación Sexual
The TCT programs are dedicated to preparing licensed psychotherapists, psychologists, and other credentialed health care providers to provide sexuality counseling, addictions counseling, and transgender care as additions to their already licensed clinical practices or educational fields.
All training via Live Webinar
Payment Plans for all Programs

Why TCT?

The Therapy Certification Training (TCT) will help you take your career to the next level, enhance your practice, and find your marketing niche!

TCT is a private, for-profit, educational association that prepares professionals for certification by the Therapist Certification Association (TCA) Board in the fields of:
  • Sexology/Sex Therapy
  • Behavioral and Substance Addictions
  • Transgender Care Therapy
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Sex Offender Therapy
  • Kink Conscious Therapy
  • Sexuality & Disability Therapy
Licensed, certified, and license-eligible professionals in various healthcare fields will be able to add these specialties to their existing practices, as well as become educators in these fields.

You will be able to participate in the TCA listserv, be listed on the Find a Professional page of the website, and receive discounts on TCT trainings.

TCA has certified students throughout the U.S., Canada, and internationally on every continent except Antarctica.

Apply to one of our programs today to join our World-Wide community!


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All Board approvals of CE Credit Hours are for CEs ONLY, not certifications. Only the Therapist Certification Association Board may certify graduates of our certification programs: 

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