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The Therapist Certification Training (TCT) will help you take your career to the next level, enhance your practice, and find your marketing niche!

TCT is a private, for-profit, educational association that prepares and certifies professionals in the fields of:

  • Sexology/Sex Therapy
  • Addictions
  • Transgender Care

Licensed and license-eligible professionals in various healthcare fields who intend to practice:

  • Sex Therapy
  • Addictions Counseling
  • Transgender Care Therapy and Consulting
  • Educational Services

may be certified by TCT or an affiliate upon meeting the educational and clinical practice criteria.

The TCT programs are designed to provide a curriculum that will prepare clinicians to work with a wide array of behavioral health and social concerns in a variety of treatment settings.

TCA programs include the following:

Requirements for each certification include education in specific core areas and supervised work experience.

Certification is granted by the specific Board of Directors for each category:

  • Therapist Certification Association Board
  • Florida Certification Board
  • International Transgender Certification Association Board

Certification serves the purpose of:

  • Protecting the public
  • Assuring consumers that practitioners have met standards of practice
  • Meeting the requirements of professional boards and other certifying bodies
  • Advancing the profession
  • Enhancing a professional’s practice and developing a marketing niche
  • Demonstrating an individual’s commitment to their profession

The TCT programs are dedicated to preparing licensed psychotherapists, psychologists, and other credentialed health care providers to provide sexuality counseling, addictions counseling, and transgender care as additions to their already licensed clinical practices or educational fields.

The program does not prepare unlicensed students to meet initial licensing requirements in any field.

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All Board approvals of CE Credit Hours are for CEs ONLY, not certifications. Only the Therapist Certification Association Board may certify graduates of our certification programs: 

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