To: The Writer: Addict America

After reading parts of your book "Addict America" it made things about drug-use and the way I think make since. Especially about our addict brain. Your book should be made apart of any recovery when it comes to addiction. I have thoroughly enjoyed the sections I have been able to read and would love to read more. Your book gives such insight that is easily understood.

Thank you,

Recovering Addict

Personally, I am very grateful because the book allowed me to visualize and reflect on the addictive processes present in my life, and helped me begin to identify the changes that I need to undertake in order to get more connected with God, with my spirit, with others and with the rest the universe. In my opinion, it is a very useful tool for anyone who is in the search to grow and evolve spiritually.

Beatriz Capdevielle

I have found the training in the STTI Therapy Certification course that Dr. Carol Clark offers, to be extremely useful in my counseling position. I have a greater understanding of the challenges patients/clients face, the treatment approaches, and how to address underlying areas of emotional difficulty for clients struggling with all areas of sexuality. Dr. Clark has provided excellent course material and has an extensive level of expertise that she professionally shares with dedication to her students and colleagues. I highly recommend this certification to all those interested.

Donna Silver

I wanted to energize my practice and improve client outcome and satisfaction. I was looking for a training program from which I could integrate and further develop my professional skills. I needed a fresh outlook that was backed by scientific evidence and practical experience. I was fortunate to find the Sex Therapy Training Institute (STTI). STTI gave me a deeper understanding of human connections from a point of view that was not available to me elsewhere. Through the leadership, expertise, knowledge and direction provided by Dr. Clark, I have become more effective in helping others. Furthermore, since STTI positive client feedback has grown.

Joe Lupo

Thank you for creating such an amazing Sex Therapy Certification Program. STTI exceeded all of my expectations. In fact, this certification has helped me tremendously into my Human Sexuality Educational Company, where I constantly educate clients on sexuality, as well as provide them with over 500 sex aid products & services all related to their sexual needs. I am grateful I found you and have had the honor of being your student. You are an amazing, loving, and giving woman…. full of knowledge and experience which you kindly share with your students in order to train them to be the very best within this field. I learned and continue learning so much from you.

Ileana M. Calderon

I would like to thank you for creating such an amazing Sex Therapy Certification Program. My original goal was to find a reliable sex therapy training institute where I could become an expert in the area of Human Sexuality in order to take my psychology career and business a step forward; however, I have to admit that your Sex Therapy Training Institute (STTI) exceeded all of my expectations. I researched many different training programs for the past year, but couldn’t find anyone out there that offers such an amazing course package deal for such an affordable price.

Satisfied Student

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for inviting me into your home on Saturday, June 16th, introducing me to the other members of the program, and giving me the opportunity to meet Dr. Reed. I found the class, as always, to be very interesting and very informative. Additionally, I was especially impressed and honored to have met and interacted with someone as knowledgeable, skilled and talented as Dr. Reed.

The advances that have been made in medicine are truly amazing and to meet someone who has dedicated his medical career on helping those whose most intimate lives have been affected by nature, to be able to help them through physical changes and adjustments is remarkable. His careful and deliberate manner of explaining how these surgical procedures are done with the assurance of positive outcomes, allowing both men and women to live near normal lives provides those in the counseling field with a greater understanding on how to further facilitate their individual needs in counseling.

The literature we received during his presentation further demonstrated Dr. Reed’s desire to share the latest information about these sensitive procedures.Dr. Clark, you deserve a great deal of credit for making this happen, not only through our weekly classes, but through the many experts, like Dr. Reed, who you have so skillfully incorporated into our sessions. I have learned an immense amount of information since I began your program and I look forward to learning even more as we continue our sessions.

Mindy Lemarque, LMHC, IMT

Just a few lines to thank you for yesterday’s conference which was an excellent way of celebrating our Founder’s Week. I was delighted by your clear exposition, your illustrations, as well as your interaction with the audience. I pictured you giving your classes, which I am sure that your students should enjoy very much.

Congratulations and thank you very much for your contribution to this important celebration.

Ivonne Moreno-Velazquez, PhD

Carol, Thank you for reminding me of my connections, and my need to appreciate and nurture my intimacy. Your words resonated well with me, and I enjoyed reading the book very much. It has also sparked my mind to address these ideas with my group.


After reading Addict America I came to the strong realization that addictions come in all shapes and sizes and learning the root cause and how to control these can help you live a much happier and less stressful life. I will personally (highly) recommend this book for all my patients.

Dr J

I would like to take a moment to say thank you for your book Addict America. Your book has inspired me in a way I would never have thought possible. Within a week span I read your book 3 times, and with every passing I felt more inspired. Your words have guided me through my journey and have helped me overcome struggles I didn't even know I was experiencing. Your words are like a poem to my soul, opening doors that have been shut; liberating me!! The energy generated from your writings have made me feel more alive than I have in ages. I will forever thank you for your inspiring words. While the book was written to everyone, I feel it was the perfect remedy for my life, bringing justice to my suffering.

I am infinitely thankful.

Maria S

I want to express my gratitude for the last 10 months of education, experience, and supervision received as a student in STTI. It has filled in several gaps of my previous education and allowed me to continue to grow as a clinician. I have expanded my private practice and feel this certification has played a large role in my capability to do so. I am so thankful for your knowledge and expertise and the diversity of the STTI students and what they contribute. Thank You!

Susan Anderson, Psy.D., LP



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