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Thank you for your interest in STTI!

Like many prospective students wanting to pursue education and certification in the field of sexology and sex therapy, you are probably looking at a few different programs.

Most of the programs out there, including STTI, are very good. So how do you choose?

Here are some points to consider:

STTI combines the excitement to be live in the classroom with the practical ability to attend via internet from anywhere in the world. Our online video-conferencing capability allows you to fully participate and interact with the presenters and other students from the comfort of your home or office. There is even an app for your smart device! Of course, if you are in South Florida or want to visit, we love having students in the classroom!

STTI offers a payment plan. You get to choose to pay monthly, quarterly, break up your payments to span two years for the tax benefit, or pay all at once. You receive a statement each month and then go online to make your payment. We are always willing to work with you.

STTI offers a free, try-out class so you can have the experience without a commitment. Take advantage of this offer to see if you feel comfortable with our class format and with the presenters.

STTI hosts guest speakers from around the world to present on a variety of topics. Some speakers are experts in their professional fields and others share their personal histories. Guest panels also give the students the benefit of a broad array of experiences.

STTI, through the Therapist Certification Association, offers three Board Certifications: Sex Therapist, Clinical Sexologist, and Human Sexuality Professional. STTI provides the education and the supervision so you can complete the program and take your career to the next level without delay!

STTI offers membership in the Therapist Certification Association. Membership affords you some excellent benefits!

  • Members are provided a listing under "Find a Professional" on the website - an excellent way to promote yourself as a professional resource.
  • Board Certified members may take unlimited free classes annually to update their knowledge and earn CE credits for their licensure requirements
  • Board Certified members may join the listserve and have access to our highly skilled supervisors for case consultations, access to other graduates who are experienced therapists with their own areas of expertise and they are willing to share their knowledge, and access to a variety of resources.

STTI classes are held weekly on Saturdays and every other month for 5 days (Thursday- Monday), except on holidays and semester breaks. You can finish the program in less than a year.

STTI classes are all recorded, so if you need to miss a class or leave early, you have the option to view the recording for credit. A written summary of the class will be required for credit.

Finally, it is important to acknowledge that sex therapists and educators work from many different perspectives and have different areas of expertise. When you are exploring which program to choose, it is important to find one with presenters who are compatible with you.

I’m Dr. Carol Clark, and you can read a little about me and view my Curriculum Vitae here: CV

I have 6 specializations: Transgender CareSex Addiction, Hypnotherapy, Sex Offender Therapist, Sexuality and Disabilities, and Kink Conscious Certification. Those students who have a particular interest in either of these areas will be able to take advantage of this during supervision.

Sex Addiction is an area in which there is a bit of controversy among sexologists, so you don’t want to find yourself in a program that is not a good fit for you. I have developed an innovative framework that uses the concepts of addictive thinking, feelings, and behaviors to apply to not only sexual behavior, but the overall manner in which people disconnect from each other and experience lack of intimacy. I also bring the concepts and practical strategies from my book, Addict America: The Lost Connection, to case consultations and my students, even seasoned clinicians, have found this to be an invaluable resource. I am also open to many theories and approaches and I encourage my students to work within their own perspectives. There are many ways to help our clients and I honor them all.

Take time to speak with the instructors at the various programs you are considering. Ask about their approaches to sex therapy and discuss your areas of special interest. This is a big investment of your time and money. Make sure you enjoy the journey!

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All Board approvals of CE Credit Hours are for CEs ONLY, not certifications. Only the Therapist Certification Association Board may certify graduates of our certification programs: 

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