Sexuality & Disability Therapy FAQs

Q – What is a Sexuality and Disability Professional?

A – An individual in a healthcare-related field who is educated and trained to help people with disabilities optimize their sexual lives.

Q – What topics are covered in this program?

A – Ableism; Congenital/physical/sensory/neuro-diverse disabilities and how they affect sexual behavior; various therapeutic modalities, including surrogate partner therapy, social-sexual skills; specific interventions for each disability.

Q – What prerequisites are needed?

A – Applicants need to be certified or licensed in a healthcare-related field, including sexology, coaching, psychotherapy, medical professions, and educators.

Q - How long will it take to complete the program?

A – there are 10 classes, one per month, with breaks for the holidays so the program will take 10 – 12 months to complete. There is a case consultation component that will be part of each class.

Q – How much is the program?

A – The cost is $2,900. Students may make monthly payments.

Q – What happens if I miss a class?

A – Students may make up one missed class by watching the recording on their own time and writing a summary for credit.

Q - Will I need to take a test?

A – There is a written test at the end of each class. Case consultation will be at the beginning of each class and will review the test questions from the previous class.

Q – Do I need to be working with clients in order to take this program?

A – No, case studies will be provided for case consultation.

Q – When can I join the program?

A – The program has open enrollment so you may join any time.

Q – Will I be certified after taking this program?

A – All successful graduates will be Certified Sexuality and Disability Professionals through the Therapist Certification Association.

Q – What are the benefits of certification?

A – You will demonstrate to people with disabilities, their families, and other professionals that you have achieved expert status in this field. You will have access to the TCA listserv and be able to list yourself on the Find a Professional page of the TCA website.


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