Kink Conscious Certification

Kink Conscious Clinician/Therapy/Educator Certification Program

Embark on a transformative journey with our Kink-Conscious Certification Program, designed for graduate-level clinicians who are passionate about advancing their expertise in the vibrant and multifaceted world of Kink and BDSM. Spanning 120 hours of both live and interdependent study, this program offers a deep dive into the rich tapestry of BDSM culture, practices, and dynamics, empowering future sexologists with the knowledge and skills to provide exceptional care and support to individuals within this community.

Our program is more than an academic endeavor; it is an invitation to explore the depths of human sexuality, power, and connection through a kink-conscious lens. You will engage with thought-provoking content, from the historical roots of BDSM to contemporary practices, all while challenging and expanding your own perceptions and biases. The curriculum is crafted to foster a nuanced appreciation of the complexities and significance of BDSM in modern society, making it a perfect fit for both dissertation research and standalone certification.

With an emphasis on inclusivity, empathy, and ethical practice, this program prepares you to navigate the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the Kink/BDSM community. You will learn to respect and honor the diverse identities, experiences, and boundaries of individuals, ensuring your approach is always informed, affirming, and consensual. Through reflective exercises, practical strategies, and critical analysis, you will develop the cultural competency necessary to create safe, supportive environments for all clients, regardless of their background or preferences.

You’ll explore a range of topics, including:

  • Understanding the foundations of kink and BDSM culture
  • Exploring the psychology and motivations behind kink and fetishism
  • Learning effective communication and negotiation techniques for kink-conscious therapy
  • Examining the intersectionality of race, gender, and sexuality within the kink community
  • Addressing common myths and misconceptions surrounding kink and BDSM
  • Developing strategies for creating safe, consensual, and empowering kink-positive spaces

Throughout the program, you'll be able to engage with leading experts and presenters, participate in interactive workshops, and connect with a community of fellow learners.

Whether you're interested in pursuing a career as a sex therapist, educator, counselor, or researcher, this certification will provide you with the knowledge and expertise needed to make a meaningful impact in the lives of diverse individuals and communities.


  • Student must be designated as a Clinician as defined in the Course Overview. If you have a question about your job description, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Evaluation
  • 60 Class Hours
  • 60 Independent Study Hours
  • 10 Hours of Supervision/Case Consultation
  • Class Participation in a 5-Day Intensive via live webinar
  • Followed by an additional five classes via live webinar, one per month, for a total of ten classes with an optional make-up class if necessary.
  • Upon successful completion, participants will receive a certification acknowledging their expertise in kink-conscious practices and their ability to provide informed, empathetic support to individuals within the Kink/BDSM community.

Fall Training begins August 21, 2024

The cohort begins with a five-day intensive and goes from 

August 21-25 Wednesday through Sunday 

Sept 18, 2024 
Oct 16, 2024
Nov 20, 2024
Dec 18, 2024
Jan. 15, 2025
Feb. 12, 2025 (Make up if necessary)

Class times for 5 days - 9am to 3pm PST  (12 pm to 6pm EST) Wednesdays

$2,900.00 for entire program or take it as your specialty while earning your PhD in Clinical Sexology
$1450 for part one (5 consecutive days) then $290 per month for 5 months.

Course Descriptions and Learning Objectives


Following are the courses and what will be covered throughout the program.

Day 1 (First Half): The History of BDSM Dive into the rich history of BDSM, tracing its evolution from ancient rituals to contemporary subcultures. Explore the influence of literature, art, and media on BDSM representation and examine key historical figures and events. Gain insights into the impact of social movements and legal developments on BDSM communities, fostering a nuanced understanding of its complexity and significance in society.

Day 1 (Second Half): Kink in Culture Discover the diverse terminology and negotiation principles within the BDSM community. Debunk common myths and misconceptions, and learn about the importance of communication, trust-building, and ethical practices in BDSM dynamics. Develop negotiation skills to provide affirming and informed support to individuals within the BDSM community.

Day 2: My Kinda Kink Reflect on personal biases, identities, and boundaries as aspiring sexologists working with the Kink/BDSM community. Explore strategies for promoting inclusivity, cultural competency, and affirmative care practices, fostering self-awareness and sensitivity.

Day 3: I Identify (Gender, Sexuality, and Relationships) Examine diverse identities and relationship structures, gaining practical strategies for supporting individuals from various backgrounds and identities.

Day 4: To Kink or not to Kink? That is the Relationship Question: Explore kink dynamics within relationships and learn strategies for facilitating communication and navigating challenges.

Day 5: Kink in Color: A Multicultural Lens Embark on a journey through the global landscape of BDSM, examining its practices and traditions across different cultures. Explore the intersection of race in Kink space and critically analyze the current climate for people of color.

Day 6: BDSM and Addiction Delve into the relationship between BDSM and addiction, understanding potential risks and offering strategies for recognizing and addressing addiction within the context of BDSM.

Day 7: Kink and Different Bodies Explore how different body types and abilities intersect with kink practices, promoting understanding, respect, and sensitivity.

Day 8: Kink across the Spectrum Examine the intersection of kink and neurodevelopment, with a special focus on autism and ADHD within the BDSM community.

Day 9: Therapeutic BDSM Discover the transformative potential of therapeutic BDSM, exploring its benefits for healing, self-discovery, and personal growth. Learn about navigating power dynamics in therapeutic settings and explore ethical considerations.

Day 10: Review of Kink/BDSM Research Critically examine existing literature and empirical studies on various aspects of kink and BDSM, equipping students to contribute thoughtfully to the growing body of research on kink and BDSM.

Join us and become a trailblazer in the field of kink-conscious sexology, where your passion for understanding and supporting diverse expressions of sexuality can make a meaningful impact.

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