STTI Sex Therapist Certification

Certified Sex Therapists deal with concerns related to:

  • Enhancing sexuality
  • Sexual abuse
  • Sexual orientation
  • Gender identity
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Alternative lifestyles
  • Aging
  • Disabilities
  • Sexual compulsion and addiction
  • General relationship difficulties

As a Certified Sex Therapist, you will offer:

  • An extra level of perceived trust. Sexual problems often carry a layer of shame beyond general mental health issues. Potential clients want a therapist with whom they can share their secrets without fear of judgment.
  • A specialized knowledge of a variety of issues related to sexuality.
  • Positive, sex- and relationship-enhancing attitudes and strategies that will help clients live fuller and more satisfying lives.

As a Certified Sex Therapist, you will receive:

  • Higher fees
  • Recognition among your peers and clients of your expert status
  • Enthusiasm and satisfaction from working with a diverse clientele
  • The ability to work in restricted fields, such as sex education or in sex offender treatment.

Academic and Credentialing Requirements

Applicants shall have earned or be in the process of earning, a Master’s degree or higher in a human service field, including, but not limited to, one of the following:

  • Psychology
  • Mental Health Counseling
  • Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Clinical Social Work

Education Requirement

  • Board Certification requires 150 hours of classroom education.  Classes are held every Saturday or every other month for 5 days ( Thursday - Monday 9:30am-3:00pm EST) The program can be completed in less than one year if classes are attended continuously. 
  • Supervision may be taken concurrently with the education program.

Case Consultation and Supervision

Competence in the areas of human sexuality addressed during the education portion of the program will be refined and demonstrated through case consultation and supervision. Applicants are expected to be able to treat a wide variety of cases as sex therapists. This portion of the program will serve as an opportunity to identify and strengthen intervention knowledge and application using the PLISSIT model format. 

Supervision/case consultation may be taken concurrently with the education program.

Each student will complete 10 hours of individual and 10 hours of group supervision/case consultation. This may incorporate specialized areas of interest for the clinician, as in:

  • Sex therapy in private practice or agency setting
  • Sex therapy for couples experiencing sexual dysfunction
  • Sex therapy for a particular population, such as transgender or alternative lifestyles
  • Sex therapy for sexual abuse victims
  • Sex therapy for sex offenders

Cost of Program

The cost of the STTI 160-hour sexology education requirement is $7,200.00 plus $1,450 for 10 hours of Individual/Paired supervision/case consultation and 13 hours of Group supervision/case consultation. The total is $8,650 payable monthly if needed. A $700 program deposit is required at the time of enrollment.

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