Sex Therapy Training

Earn a Board Certification as a Sex Therapist, Clinical Sexologist, or Human Sexuality Professional and be recognized as an expert in the field. You will experience the excitement and satisfaction of working with a diverse clientele, increase your marketing potential, and earn higher fees with this specialization.

What Makes STTI Different?

Addictions Therapy Training

Take this opportunity for you to step up your career, enhance your practice, or simply expand your education by becoming an Addictions Professional. Whether it’s drugs, sex, food, technology, gambling, or alcohol, addiction permeates our culture and it is difficult to practice in any social service area without a good foundation in assessment and treatment.

Addictions Therapy Certification

Transgender Care Training

Open your practice to an underserved Community by becoming Certified in Transgender Care. This program promotes Transgender well-being by providing education and credentials to those who serve the gender non-conforming Community. Learn from the experts in this field so you can join them in this amazing and rewarding work!

Transgender Care Certification

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Personally, I am very grateful because the book allowed me to visualize and reflect on the addictive processes present in my life, and helped me begin to identify the changes that I need to undertake in order to get more...

Beatriz Capdevielle
I have found the training in the STTI Therapy Certification course that Dr. Carol Clark offers, to be extremely useful in my counseling position. I have a greater understanding of the challenges patients/clients face, the treatment approaches, and how...
Donna Silver
I wanted to energize my practice and improve client outcome and satisfaction. I was looking for a training program from which I could integrate and further develop my professional skills. I needed a fresh outlook that was backed by scientific evidence...
Joe Lupo
Thank you for creating such an amazing Sex Therapy Certification Program. STTI exceeded all of my expectations. In fact, this certification has helped me tremendously into my Human Sexuality Educational Company, where I constantly educate clients on...
Ileana M. Calderon
I would like to thank you for creating such an amazing Sex Therapy Certification Program. My original goal was to find a reliable sex therapy training institute where I could become an expert in the area of Human Sexuality in order to take my...
Satisfied Student

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for inviting me into your home on Saturday, June 16th, introducing me to the other members of the program, and giving me the opportunity to meet Dr. Reed. I found the class, as always, to be very...

Mindy Lemarque, LMHC, IMT
Addict America: The Lost Connection by Dr. Carol Clark

Addict America

The Lost Connection

Dr. Carol Clark

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Excellent Book

Easy to read, excellent content, helpful to understand the disease or its traits, present in all of us. Shows how important is to develop our spiritual selves.

Great Book

Dr. Carol Clark reveal much, imparts wisdom, offers us early memories... It's an incredible gift from a wise and self-reflective woman.

This Book is a Diamond

It is rare to come across a book that is life changing. The first time I read Addict America I had one of those, "Oh! I get it" eureka moments.