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TCT February Newsletter

TCT February Newsletter

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•Upcoming Workshops


•Upcoming Certifications to Expand your Practice


 •"Trying to Fix It" an Article by Dr. Carol Clark


•Addict America: The Audiobook


•Earn CEs with Sexology Classes


•Sex on the Scene


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Via Live Webinar


Medical Factors Related to Sexuality and Sexual Functioning 


9:30am-3pm EST

This course will define the DSM sexual disorders with medical origins and focus on symptoms, factors increasing susceptibility, and prevention. 

Instructed by Dr. Nora Sahly


5CEs for $159











Human Trafficking


9:30am-3pm EST

In this advanced class, Dr. An covers the types of online abusers targeting young males—takes a deep dive into the industries and factories ripe for labor and commercial sexual exploitation.

Dr. An will have a guest presenter, Nathan Earl, Principal – Giant Slayer Consulting (Public Health Consultant) and Master of Public Health candidate at Yale University.

5CEs for $159








Diagnosis of Sexual Dysfunctions & Disorders Part 1


9:30am-3pm EST

This course will define atypical

sexual behavior in the context of

culture, history, and the law.


 Instructed by Dr Samantha Robinson

5CEs for $159 

Diagnosis of Sexual Dysfunctions & Disorders Part 2



9:30am-3pm EST

This course will define atypical

sexual behavior in the context of

culture, history, and the law.

Instructed by Dr. Carol Clark.

5CEs for $159


Workshops Coming Next:

Enchancing Intimacy and Passion



Sexual Pharmacology 






Kink Conscious Certification


Starts February 15th, 2023

Add Kink to your practice to help increase your client base, treat a wider range of problems and take your career to the next level. Be the expert more and more are looking for every year.





International Transgender Certification Association


February 23rd -26th

 Upon completion of our course, you will receive documentation to certify that you are a Transgender Care Therapist/Professional. 










Sexuality & Disability Therapy


Starts April 23, 2023

This comprehensive certification program will enable sexuality educators, professionals, and therapists to work with clients as they confront discrimination and accessibility challenges with respect to sexual/gender identity, intimacy, and sexual expression. 

Trying to Fix It

by Dr. Carol Clark

First rule of therapy: Don’t give advice.


Therapy is about facilitating a person finding their own answers. It’s about helping them remove obstacles to happiness and contentment. It’s about offering options relevant to the situation without making it about right and wrong.


That being said, the reality is that we therapists often offer advice just like everyone else, and it’s often misplaced.


For instance, I was recently feeling quite low due to being in pain from a tooth infection and surgery recovery. I was miserable and my dear friend, also a therapist, told me to look at a TikTok video she had just posted on how to feel better. I did look at it and I did NOT feel better.

 She’s my friend, though, so I texted her that what I really needed was a hug and the virtual hug she sent me did make me feel better.


Pain and emotion are in our limbic systems. Thinking and rationality are in the prefrontal cortex. When someone is conveying verbal information, it does not make it to the limbic system. In fact, when the limbic system is activated by emotion, it shuts down the prefrontal cortex’s ability to think. A hug goes directly to the limbic system to help calm us and allow thinking to come back online (see My Pocket Therapist: 12 Tools for Living in Connection for more information about the brain and how it affects our behavior).


So, what makes it so hard to not give advice? Well, when we care about someone, we feel Connected to them (with a capital C from Addict America: The Lost Connection). When we are Connected, we feel their pain, so wanting them to feel better is also about wanting to feel better ourselves. But feeling better is not easy nor even possible sometimes. What we need to offer is empathy – sharing their pain but not getting lost in it. Be with them without needing to fix it.


Carl Rogers’ Person-Centered Therapy, which is the foundation for almost all therapists, promotes genuineness, acceptance, and unconditional positive regard. These qualities are incredibly healing without any other interventions. Without them, other interventions are less



So the next time someone you care about is hurting, offer them a hug, hold their hand, and just be with them. Listen without giving advice, be available to give them what they say they need, and don’t try to fix it!


Be Connected

Be in Light,




Addict America: The Lost Connection

Now in Audiobook Format

We're proud to announce that Dr. Clark's seminal work Addict America: The Lost Connection is finally availbe in audiobook format! After a lot of hard work you can finally hear The Lost Connection read by Dr. Clark's friend and professional voice artist Paula Barros. Now it's even easier than ever to learn how addictive behavior affects the human brain and causes the disconnections we experience with our families, friends, and co-workers in a profound, eye-opening manner. Dr. Clark’s groundbreaking book takes current addiction theory down a new path and Paula Barros brings it to life in a whole new way. Check out these reviews and find the audiobook on Amazon below!

"Addict America is a must read for anyone interested in addiction. This book changed the way I think about addiction. Dr. Clark presents a new way of conceptualizing our behaviors and discusses a theory that incorporates our cultural, relational and spiritual selves."

- Brittany Edge, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

"This is a go-to-book for students of addiction treatment as well as those interested in the related sociological problems that both support and maintain the problem."

- Dr. Rob Weiss

52 Fascinating Facts About Sex That You Probably Didn’t Know

By  David Graham

The world’s most popular subject is sex, here are

52 fascinating facts that

you probably didn’t know about sex

Photo by Josue Michel on Unsplash


‍‍Clinical Sexology Education

Our classes, whether in person or via webinar, are fully interactive and you will learn from experienced instructors, videos, and guest experts. Group case consultation is held after Saturday classes. Paired supervision/case consultation is scheduled at the consultant’s and students’ convenience.

We know you will enjoy this learning experience as you become an expert in the field of Clinical Sexology!


‍Dr. Carol Clark - How Can We Become More Intimate and Connected to the

People We Love?



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