One Nation Under God

Our fear of being alone is what drives us to join cults or other fanatical groups. Belonging to the group can also be our greatest strength. We can be guided by group norms and values to make pro-social choices. We can share ideas and learn from each other. Most importantly, we can get the love and acceptance we all need so much. So how can we get the benefits of belonging without the harm? We must look to the higher power, which is whatever our conception of God is – the Force, the Tree of Life, the Collective Unconscious, and all the names we have given God through the ages. From this higher power, we can access the wisdom of the Universe and receive what we all want: unconditional love and acceptance. We can feel cared for and we can have the answers to all our questions. The wonderful thing about this is that we all have the ability to access our higher power at any time. Just be still, Connect sky and earth through your body and mind, and you will get the answer you need. It is only our addicted, disconnected brains that keep us from this knowledge and peace. It is the seeking for power and control over others, the escape from our loneliness and pain, that propels us away from that true Connection to the pseudo-intimate groups that demand mindless allegiance in exchange for acceptance. Belonging is wonderful and as mortal humans, we need that physical experience of being part of a group. Just choose carefully! Always ask your higher power: Is this for my addiction (disconnection) or is this for my recovery (Connection)? I pray that our leaders may ask themselves that question now as they decide our country’s future.

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