Gender-Identity Issues


This class is designed to teach students to:

  1. Identify the fundamental differences between male and female thinking and behavior.

  2. Utilize the DSM-5 to diagnose Gender Dysphoria.

  3. Describe the SOC intentions, role of the mental health professional, and criteria for therapy/surgery.

  4. Define the many terms related to gender identity and gender roles.

  5. Describe the different interpretations of gender including the models of masculinity and femininity and the concept of gender non-conforming.

  6. Assess and evaluate a client’s readiness for hormone therapy or sex reassignment surgery.

  7. Be able to assess when an individual is not appropriate for gender transition.

  8. Identify and utilize appropriate treatment interventions with transgender individuals and family members.

  9. Identify and diagnose those individuals with body dysmorphia or other anomalous disorders.

  10. Evaluate and treat individuals with these disorders.

  11. Collaborate and refer to appropriate resources when necessary.

  12. Describe the specific issues related to treating transgender youth.

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