Risk Assessment with Sex Offenders

Risk Assessment with Sex Offenders



This class is designed to teach students to:

$1. Describe the role of the Probation and Parole in working with sex offenders.

$2. Define types of sex offending.

$3. Evaluate level of risk related to type of sex offense.

$4. Explain the impact of supervised release and community control on offender’s risk of recidivism.

$5. Identify the subject areas incorporated into a variety of risk assessment tools.

$6. Evaluate sex offending within families in conflict.

$7. Assess level of risk for different types of sex offenders.

$8. Critique the research on risk assessment and recidivism.

$9. Use the various assessment instruments with case studies.

$10. Describe the issues specific to juvenile sex offenders.

$11. Describe the interventions used to reduce risk of recidivism

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