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    I agree to pay $2,695 for 75 hours of hypnotherapy education provided by Dr. Carol L. Clark. I understand that this program is designed to meet the criteria for hypnosis as specified by Florida Administrative Code 64B4-6.006 Approval of Continuing Education Providers of Hypnosis Training Programs. Continuing Education provided by Dr. Carol L. Clark, Provider #50-550/BAP585 Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy, and Mental Health Counseling, expires 3/23; the Florida Board of Nursing, expires 10/23; and the Florida Board of Psychology, expires 5/24. This course (#20459650) is approved for 75 CEUs.

    I understand that completion of this program does not guarantee that I will be certified by any hypnosis or hypnotherapy board. I will need to submit an application to any board from which I seek certification and Dr. Carol L. Clark will provide confirmation of my training.

    I understand that if I choose to make two payments of $1347.50, I am liable for payment in full by the final class. I understand that if I make payment in full, there will be no refunds if I do not complete the program. I understand that I will need to complete 25 hours of hypnotherapy practice between the first and the second class blocks.

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All Board approvals of CE Credit Hours are for CEs ONLY, not certifications. Only the Therapist Certification Association Board may certify graduates of our certification programs: 

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