Ewan Test Form - Payment
  1. Application for Certification and Approval Process

    There is no membership application fee for STTI students. Non-STTI applicants shall pay a non-refundable fee of $200.

    Applications shall include the following:
    • 1. Completed TCA application form
    • 2. Resume or CV
    • 3. CE credits or diploma
    • 4. Professional licenses and/or certifications
    • 5. Driver’s license or passport
    • Upon receipt of the application package, the TCA Board will review all documentation and approve or deny the application for certification. A denial may be appealed with a request in writing within ten (10) calendar days and a date for a personal appeal to the Board will be scheduled.

      Applicants approved for certification will receive a certificate effective for two (2) years.


  2. Certification Type(*)
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  3. First Name(*)
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  4. Last Name(*)
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  5. Email Address(*)
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  6. Certification Application

    Upon review and acceptance of application, the applicant will be billed $200 for a 2-year certification. Certification may be renewed every two years with renewal application, proof of 20 Continuing Education Credits in Sexology, and payment of $200.

  7. Application Fee
    A $100 Application Fee is applicable for all non STTI Applications
  8. Total Payable
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  9. Security
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