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July 6 : 12pm -1pm EDT

Students will be able to define what MAP(s) are | Students will be able to describe the difference between a MAP, noMAP and a Sexual Offender | Students will be able to recognize and discuss the barriers to treatment for


June 15 : 12pm -1pm EDT

This first of two workshops will introduce therapists to the simple tools their clients can use daily to maximize counseling and live a more joyful and balanced life in Connection with family, friends, and the Universe. Part


June 29 : 12pm -1pm EDT

This second of two workshops will further develop the cognitive and behavioral exercises which, when practiced daily, will help clients remove the barriers to intimacy and Connection. Part 2 will help attendees to describe


May 18 : 12pm-1pm EDT

A lot of therapists say they don’t want to work with sex offenders, but they may not know who sex offenders really are and how much diversity falls under the umbrella of “sex offender.”

Learning Objectives: At the end


June 1 : 12pm-1pm EDT

Couples come together out of an equal fear of intimacy. This is the answer to many questions about how people end up with each other. "I want to be in an intimate relationship, so why do I keep choosing emotionally unavailable


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