Gender DeTRANSition

Gender DeTRANSition

  • Instructor: Jessica Lam

Gender DeTRANSition

Gender DeTRANSition: from here to there and back again As the world becomes better educated on Gender Dysphoria and the new terminologies emerging under a Gender Expansive Umbrella, we are coming to discover a growing community… “De-Transitioners”. Is this a phenomena, is it simply regret, or something else? There can be various reasons why someone who has undergone the challenges of conforming into a new gender identity, decide to revert back to a cisgender identity or maybe into identifying as someone in-between. How do therapists and professionals navigate through this? Through this Workshop we will explore the possibilities of preventing detransition, navigating through a detransition, and underline the many challenges that clinicians might face when treating individuals with gender dysphoria.

At the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Recall range of gender transitions.
  • Identify 3 reasons of why an individual may decide to detransition.
  • Cite ways counselors can help transgender individuals through this process.

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