Non-Monogamous Lifestyles

Non-Monogamous Lifestyles

  • Instructor: Francesca Gentillé

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This course will explore the variations beyond monogamy in sexual and emotional relationships. It will include how clinicians can help clients explore their options and engage in non-monogamous lifestyles responsibly and healthily.
Francesa Gentille is an international sexologist and an award winning author.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Compare and contrast non monogamous lifestyles including polyamory, open relationships, monogamish, swinging, BDSM, Tantra, & sex work,
  2. Evaluate and support your clients to analyze which formats might fit their desires, boundaries, and temperaments,
  3. Analyze and interpret what has a choice to design a non-monamous lifestyle be an expression of a compulsion, a trauma or an authentic expression of sexual vibrancy,
  4. Name the most common or popular types of non-monogamies,
  5. Prepare to work with some of the most common mistakes those new to non monogamous lifestyles make.

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