Sexology and Genesis

Sexology and Genesis

  • Instructor: Dr Glen Maiden

Sexology and Genesis

This home study, Sexology and Genesis examines the Book of Genesis as a theoretical foundation for faith based therapists and their clients.

The Bible and specifically the Book of Genesis have been a guide for people of faith for over 3500 years. Genesis skillfully crafts a positive view of sexual health for people of faith. 19 distinct sexual health terms appear in Genesis chapters 1-50. The organization of Genesis' sexual health content seems to demonstrate purposeful structure.

Genesis 1-5 highlights sexual health as created in the image or character of a compassionate Creator. All images present human sexuality in a positive manner palatable for small children. The first sexual health term for intercourse appears in Genesis 4:1. The Hebrew word is spiritual, emotional, and sexual intimacy.

Genesis 6-11 focuses on preventing child abuse. Specific language mirrors incest prohibitions of Leviticus 19. Genesis 12-50 weaves sexual health themes through sexual politics, sexually transmitted infections, erotic violence, regulation of sexual neural pathways, birth control, and sex as intimacy connecting the book of Genesis thematically.

Students will be able to articulate the Genesis sexual health positive narratives in a connective way to assist faith based clients.

The teaching objectives are to:

  • Analyze the sexual health narratives of Genesis in a two session home study.
  • Define the sexual health vocabulary with Biblical Hebrew and Greek languages
  • Examine Genesis as a sexual health positive primer for children and families
  • Communicate faith based sexual health with neither judgement nor condemnation
  • Provide Biblical theoretical foundations for contemporary treatment models

Session One: Introduction to Genesis Sexual Health Vocabulary

  • Non Judgement Theology, Ancient Near Eastern Historical Context
  • Genesis 1-5; Sex as Intimacy
  • Genesis 6-11; Abuse Prevention

Session Two: Abraham and Isaac

  • Preparation for Sexual Activity
  • STI's
  • Foreplay
  • Jacob and Joseph
  • Birth Control
  • Regulation of Sexual Neural Pathways
  • Intersexuality

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