Legal, Ethical and Forensic Issues in Sex Therapy Part 1

Legal, Ethical and Forensic Issues in Sex Therapy Part 1

  • Instructor: Dr. Carol Clark

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This course will review the Codes of Ethics of several organizations, including ATSA and AASECT. It will cover the basics of Ethical Decision Making and ethical questions related to specific areas, such as conversion therapy. Students will learn how therapists and psychologists come to violate the laws regarding sexual relationships with patients and be able to clearly differentiate between the therapist-patient relationship and the forensic arena and understand the boundaries of each. The course will also focus on forensic assessment and testifying in court.


  • Apply the principles of Ethical Decision Making to a variety of cases.
  • Recognize factors regarding child sexual abuse and assess reporting requirements.
  • Adhere to and implement the AASECT Code of Ethics to practice.
  • Evaluate and employ ethical guidelines in sex research.
  • Compare and contrast ethical and unethical child interview techniques.
  • Differentiate between a forensic evaluation and a psycho-sexual assessment for treatment purposes.
  • Describe the court testimonial process.
  • Critique child assessment protocols.
  • Discuss the ethical and legal implications of sexual surrogacy.
  • Identify the ethical considerations of e-counseling.

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