Sex Addiction

Sex Addiction

  • Instructor: Dr. Robert Weiss

Workshop Date : Oct 5, 2024 | 9am - 3pm EST

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This full day presentation provides non-judgmental insight and clinical understanding sexual addiction/compulsivity and its relationship to both early trauma survival and problems with intimacy and healthy adult sexuality. We will review the relationship between sex/intimacy problems and related co-occurring drug abuse and drug relapse concerns. The material will offer a review of the diagnosis of sexual compulsivity/addiction, explaining the common behaviors and problems encountered by sex addicts, while offering direction toward eliminating problematic sexual behavior. The relationship between sexual addiction and early trauma survival will be reviewed offering clear direction toward sexual sobriety and relationship healing. Material will be offered at a level useful to both the layperson and professional. A thorough introduction into the ways digital technology has led to an escalation in addictive behaviors will be fully explored and explained.

Learning Objectives

  • Differentiate between online porn and “cam-girl, cam-boy” live online experiences
  • Explain how culture, religion and personal bias affect each person’s experience of online pornography.
  • Explain how conditioning can drive compulsive porn use versus early complex trauma and attachment disorders, 

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