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12 Hour Qualified Supervisor Training Course

January 20-21, 2022  9am-4pm EST both days

This 12-hour CE course meets the requirements for Florida Rule 64B4-6.0025 F.A.C. for Supervisory Training. All of the learning objectives specified by the Rule will be fulfilled. This is a comprehensive training for licensed clinicians in Florida and elsewhere who want to supervise interns and/or other therapists. Supervising interns carries specific ethical and legal responsibilities for which this workshop will prepare the participants. This workshop is offered via live webinar with full interaction with presenter and other attendees.

January 20-21, 2022
9am-4pm EST
Live Webinar

12 CE Credit Hours

4 hr Supervisor Third Biennium Training

January 21, 2022  9am-1pm EST 

The 4-hour third biennium meets requirements for Florida FAC 64B4-6.0025 and will benefit any licensed clinician providing supervision to interns and other supervisees.

 This course will:

  • Review changes to Florida laws and rules relating to Interns and Supervisors,
  • Discuss various electronic delivery systems for supervision and methods for ensuring confidentiality,
  • Discuss ethical, legal and regulatory issues of supervision, including documentation of the supervisory sessions,
  • Review research of effective supervision models,
  • Review challenges in supervision,
  • Address how cultural issues can affect the supervisory relationship,
  • Discuss accountability of both the supervisor and the intern in the supervisory relationship,
  • Discuss the business aspects of supervision,
  • Discuss the ethical, legal, and regulatory issues of teletherapy.

January 21, 2022
9am-1pm EST
Live Webinar

4 CE Credit Hours

Human Trafficking

February 27, 2022  9am-3pm EST Via Live Webinar

Explore the predatory behavior of buyers and traffickers.

Describe the Dos and Don'ts during the Interview with Someone You Suspect is Trafficked

Gain Knowledge in Typologies of Buyers and Traffickers and Recognize

Signs and Symptoms of Coercive Trauma Bonding

Review and Discuss Case Studies

Gain Insight into Recruiting Methods Via the Darknet and AIs 

Describe the Role Accreditation Agencies Play in Helping Combat Human Trafficking

Hear from guest speakers Dr. Matt Friedman, international human trafficking expert,  and Alex Borhani, ex FBI special agent.

February 27, 2022
9am-3pm EST
Live Webinar

5 CE Credit Hours

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