Individual Workshops

Medical Factors Related to Sexuality 3-28-20

Medical Factors Related to Sexuality and Sexual Functioning

Dr. Volker will be teaching  with a panel of sex surrogates.

In person or via live webinar!!  Still time to sign up!! 3-28-20 


Intimacy and Connection in Recovery

April 6 -12pm -1pm EDT:

People come together from an equal fear of intimacy, which is why they have problems in relationships. But where does that fear of intimacy begin? In this workshop, you will learn how messages from childhood lead to negative beliefs about self, which leads to the pain of disconnection and then to addictive behavior to escape that pain. You will also learn how to heal and be capable of intimacy and Connection, whether for yourself or your clients. Register Here!

Beyond the Binary – a look at gender identity

April 13 - 12 pm -1pm EDT:

Gender goes well beyond a simple male-female, girl-boy designation to explore all the variations of gender identity and expression embraced by individuals in cultures around the world. Young people especially are going beyond the binary as they create new names that reflect their sense of self. We will define many of these new terms and learn about older ones that tell us that gender identity has been flexible throughout the ages.

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Addict America: The Lost Connection

April 20 - 12pm -1pm EDT: 

In this workshop, you will explore addiction as a state of being, regardless of the drug or behavior of choice. You will be able to describe the addictive process involving the brain chemistry and thinking patterns that lead to obsessive, compulsive, out-of-control behavior done in spite of consequences to self and others. Finally, you will learn some strategies for you and your clients to live in recovery, which is a state of Connection with self, others, and the universal life force that binds us. Register Here!

Basic Challenges with Gender Transition 

May 4 - 12pm -1pm EDT:

Gender Dysphoric individuals face a plethora of challenges when they decide to transition to life in their identified gender. In this workshop, you will be able to recognize some of these challenges and utilize strategies to address them with your clients. Register Here!!

Non-Monogamous Lifestyles  5-30-20

NonMonogamous Lifestyles  Price: 159.00 USD

Sexuality and Disability 6-27-20


HONORING ALL--Sexuality Issues for People with Diseases, Disabilities, & Body Changes
Dr. Marilyn K. Volker, Special Needs Educator/Counselor/Sexologist/Gender Specialist, ABS, AACS, ITCA
This class will highlight specific sexuality and intimacy issues for people with disabilities ( physical/emotional/intellectual), strategies and resources for professionals, counselors, patients/clients Information from REAL EXPERTS (people living wtih differences) will share their life experiences and suggestions to professionals. Free class for current STTI and IICS students.

Price: $159.00 USD

 Pornography and Media Addiction 10-3-20

Pornography 3

 Click to Register below!! Free class for current STTI and IICS students.

 Sexuality and Substance Abuse 12-12-20


 Attend in person in Miami Shores or via live webinar.

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