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Research on Sexual Dysfunctions and Disorders 1 & 2

9m - 3pm EST

Part I: Students will explore the history of sexuality-focused research and the impact many of these studies continue to have on society. Contributions of Galen, Falloppio, Jean Baptiste Parent-Duchatelet, Richard von Krafft-Ebing, Magnus Hershfeld, Henry Havelock Ellis, Sigmund Freud, Alfred Kinsey, Masters and Johnson and others will be discussed.

Part II: Students will examine ethical research challenges and will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of quantitative and qualitative methods, including correlation, survey, grounded theory, ethnographic, narrative and phenomenological. Students will learn research search strategies and will consider ways to incorporate reliable studies into their practices.

Part 2
5 CE Credit Hours

Sexuality and Disability


9m - 3pm EST
This course will include 1) Barriers faced by teens and adults who are mentally/emotionally challenged; 2) Challenges faced by people with physical disabilities as a result of birth, accident, or military service; 3) Provide strategies and resources for helping individuals optimize their sexual potential.

Learning Objectives: 1)Identify 4 sexuality issues for persons living with differences, 2)Recall 3 strategies counselors can utilize addressing these issues, 3) List 4 sexuality focused resources for people living with differences, parents, care providers, professionals

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Victims & Victimology - Domestic Violence


9m - 3pm EST
This course will define the terms related to victims and victimology. Students will learn to recognize types of victims and issues specific to type. Content will include bias toward victims, victim-blaming, and issues between victims and the criminal justice system; it will also cover the process of restorative justice. Students will learn to utilize a variety of interventions appropriate to victim type.

Learning Objectives

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