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Basic Challenges with Gender Transition

People identifying with Gender Dysphoria (DSM 5 302.85) or Gender Identity Disorder (ICD 10 F64.1) are often faced with challenges for which they seek help from therapists and counselors. This workshop describes the basic, common challenges with which clients present and provides informational interventions.

This one-hour workshop consists of a video of Dr. Carol Clark giving a lecture based on her 30 years of clinical experience with Transgender and Gender non-conforming people. A resource list and pdf of the presentation slides is attached.
1 CE Credit Hour

Sex Trafficking

Students will gain knowledge about the history of human trafficking through present day issues that continue to overlap 25 typologies. In-Class discussions will include identifying Supply Chains world-wide and companies that have signed pledges taking a stance against labor trafficking. Discussions about the different models of organized crime that range from gang operations to mob, pimp, and familial. The student will gain knowledge about the different indicators used to identify a human trafficked victim, ACE Scores that include vulnerable populations, minorities, and those who are undocumented and commonly present with a range of health, dental, and mental health problems. Health care professionals are usually in the front line ranging from EMS to ER and are best able to be in a position to identify the critical indicators for identifying human trafficking victims. The student will gain knowledge about the prevalence of human trafficking and the different forms of trafficking that estimate to amount well over the documented $150 billion dollar industry that is believed to eventually surpass the reported $500 billion drug cartel industry with these two interfacing and overlapping world-wide. Recognizing code language, tattoo art and jewelry are some of the indicators for identifying victims held in sex trafficking. Students will gain knowledge on how to use screening tools, using a trauma-informed approach when interviewing, treating and working with victims. The student will will gain knowledge about SART’s and how health care and law enforcement can collaborate and utilize referral services. Students will gain knowledge on identifying reportable events ranging from domestic servitude, bondage, labor and sex trafficking and how to report these events.
5 CE Credit Hours

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