Why be a Certified Addiction Professional (CAP)?

Certification in any area will enhance your clinical practice and help you find your marketing niche.

Certification serves the purpose of:

  • Protecting the public.
  • Assuring consumers that practitioners have met standards of practice.
  • Meeting the requirements of professional boards and other certifying bodies.
  • Advancing the profession.
  • Enhancing a professional’s practice and developing a marketing niche.
  • Demonstrating an individual’s commitment to their profession.

The Addictions Therapy Training Institute (ATTI) will provide you with the training you will need to apply to the Florida Certification Board for the CAP credential.

As a Certified Addiction Professional, you will offer

  • an extra level of perceived trust. Addiction problems often carry a layer of shame beyond general mental health issues and potential clients want a therapist with whom they can share their secrets without fear of judgment.
  • a specialized knowledge of a variety of issues related to addiction. Certified Addiction Professionals deal with concerns related to

♦ drug and alcohol abuse/dependence
♦ sexual abuse,
♦ family and social relationships
♦ sexual orientation and gender identity,
♦ co-dependence,
♦ alternative lifestyles,
♦ aging and disabilities,
♦ sexual compulsion and addiction,
♦ eating disorders
♦ general relationship difficulties.

As a Certified Addiction Professional, you will receive

  • higher fees.
  • recognition among your peers and clients of your expert status.
  • enthusiasm and satisfaction from working with a diverse clientele.
  • the ability to work in restricted fields, such as DUI education or in Probation and Parole contracted treatment programs.

Certification following the ATTI program will allow you to

  • market yourself on all ATTI-affiliated websites
  • network with other highly trained and experienced clinicians
  • participate in continuing education classes and workshops at discounted rates

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All Board approvals of CE Credit Hours are for CEs ONLY, not certifications. Only the Therapist Certification Association Board may certify graduates of our certification programs: 

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ce aasect 2
ce fcb
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ce fbscw

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