Why be a Certified Sex Therapist?

Certification in any area will enhance your clinical practice and help you find your marketing niche.


Why take the STTI program if I am not going to be certified as a sex therapist?

Some of the following individuals take the program: 

  • educators who want to include human sexuality in their programs
  • business entrepreneurs who want to include sex education in their provision of goods and services
  • coaches who want to help encompass sex coaching in their practices
  • healthcare providers who want to enhance their knowledge of sexual behavior

Individuals from many fields take the STTI training in order to enhance the work they do.




Therapeutic sex-aid consultants

Christian counselors

Addiction counselors

Physical therapists



Some individuals simply want a better understanding of human sexuality and all that encompasses.

AASECT offers certification to educators and counselors, as well as therapists. 

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