STTI’s mission is to promote excellence in competency in the field of sexology for practitioners in all related fields and professions by:

  • providing training to
    • those clinicians who want to specialize in sex therapy
    • educators who want to include human sexuality in their programs
    • business entrepreneurs who want to include sex education in their provision of goods and services
    • coaches who want to help encompass sex coaching in their practices
    • healthcare providers who want to enhance their knowledge of sexual behavior
  • providing educational and networking resources
  • implementing standards of care through certification


STTI’s vision is to provide the highest quality of sex therapy/sexology training and education so that practitioners can in turn provide the highest level of services to their clients.

STTI Certification serves the purpose of:

  • Protecting the public.
  • Assuring consumers that practitioners have met standards of practice.
  • Meeting the requirements of professional boards and other certifying bodies.
  • Advancing the profession.
  • Enhancing a professional’s practice and developing a marketing niche.
  • Demonstrating an individual’s commitment to their profession.

STTI presenters are experts in their domains and employ a variety of teaching protocols.

STTI courses are designed to meet the varying requirements of state and national certification boards in an in-person or online forum.


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