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For full program registration, including $700 deposit, Register Here

For 1 class (5 hours) registration, with a fee of $245, Register Here.

For 2 classes (10 hours), with a fee of $475, Register Here.

When we receive your payment, we will send you a Payment and Registration Contract. Please complete it and return it to us with the required documentation noted on the form to one of the following:

Contact:                    Click Here

Fax:                         815-346-3476

Mail:                        11651 W. Biscayne Canal Rd., Miami, FL 33161

If you are attending via webcast, we will call you to make an appointment for a test of the WebEx platform we use for broadcasting the class. This will take about 10-15 minutes.

Prior to each class, you will be sent a WebEx meeting invitation, copies of the powerpoints and handouts, and an evaluation form. Please complete the evaluation form following the class and return it via email (Contact Us) or bring the form to class with you and complete it there.

If you are licensed in Florida, upon completion of each class and receipt of your evaluation form, we will upload your credit to CE Broker.

Each month, you will receive an Activity Log, which will reflect the classes you have attended, individual supervision hours, the payments you have made, and the evaluations we have received.

Upon completion of your program, you will be given a certificate indicating your certification status.

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All Board approvals of CE Credit Hours are for CEs ONLY, not certifications. Only the Therapist Certification Association Board may certify graduates of our certification programs: 

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